Are guns worth an final? Omen players can decide with clever tech in VALORANT

Omen is a mysterious and difficult VALORANT agent that’s recognized for catching enemies off guard. He usually pops up behind you or on the location unexpectedly, inflicting chaos and paranoia in his wake. And there could also be much more tips up the controller’s sleeves that some folks weren’t conscious of.

A VALORANT participant not too long ago shared on Reddit one thing that’s in all probability a bit surprising with regards to Omen’s versatile final. From the Shadows permits Omen to open a tactical map and teleport to a particular location. While teleporting, Omen will seem as a Shade to enemies. The teleport can be canceled if the Shade is destroyed.

A well-liked trick with Omen’s From the Shadows skill is to teleport instantly on prime of the Spike. This permits the cloaked agent to mechanically choose it up (until the opposite workforce turns into conscious of Omen’s intentions and stands on prime of the Spike).

But a VALORANT participant not too long ago found one other doable use for Omen’s versatile final. Apparently, Omen can choose up dropped enemy weapons much like how he picks up the Spike. The video exhibits Omen finding a dropped weapon, focusing on it on the mini-map, after which teleporting to seize it with out transferring from his authentic spot.

To carry out this tech, drop your main weapon in order that the brand new weapon you need to choose up turns into your main. This will assist you to instantly take off with your new weapon.

While that is most undoubtedly a neat trick, lots of VALORANT players have expressed that it’s not far more than that. Ultimates are very costly to buy, so it appears fairly expensive to make use of Omen’s final to seize a brand new weapon as a substitute of flanking the enemy or grabbing the Spike. Others famous that this wouldn’t have as a lot of an affect on a match as different makes use of for Omen’s final, joking that it will principally result in teammates flaming you for losing the last word.

It is probably not essentially the most helpful approach to implement Omen’s final, however there are undoubtedly particular makes use of that might come up in a match. It’s additionally simply enjoyable to see artistic methods in which ultimates can be carried out which are out of the bizarre.

Despite this tech revelation, nonetheless, many players nonetheless really feel like Omen’s final isn’t as impactful because it could possibly be and are ready for a buff. Until then, Omen stays a considerably area of interest choose that doesn’t all the time match into the present meta.

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