Apex Legends Season 16 ALL Legend Class Reworks and Patch Notes Explained

Apex Legends Season 16 Revelry is simply across the nook launching February 14th and there are plenty of adjustments coming for Apex’s fourth anniversary. There’s a giant rework coming to the Legends Class system and rebalancing together with a brand new weapon, new restricted time modes and everlasting playlist, and the farewell of Arenas. Here’s an in-depth have a look at all the things altering in Apex Legends Revelry.


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  1. Everyone so excited, new stuff, new guns…1-2 days later everyone realizes: that it is still Apex =
    – game is bugged as hell, probably will crash constantly for the first week at least
    – then be dominated by controller players and actual hackers
    – still hardly compatible with AMD cards
    – and most importantly – community will still be full of narcs, low IQ players and most who rather switch teams in ranked for the whole seasons rather than commit to make it work to create perm trio…just because solo grind is so much better especially when you smurf

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