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According to a couple nameless VFX artists that labored on Marvel Studios Quantumania, the rationale among the particular results look supposedly unhealthy in these movies is due to funds points. Speaking with Vulture, these nameless sources went into element about how there’s a precedence record on the subject of #MCU films. One #Quantumania VFX artist engaged on #AntMan3 claimed the workforce was working below less-than-ideal working situations compared to different locations within the VFX business. Writer Jonathan Hickman is teaming up with artist Bryan Hitch to convey us again into the Ultimates world with Ultimate Invasion: a brand new 4-issue sequence. And we’ll check out one of many characters from “Redemption Reapers”, and it’s all offered by Binary Haze.


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  1. The real solution is to stop using so much visual effects… both black panther movies had the main characters in CGI instead of an actor in the costume for a majority of the movies. Ridiculous

  2. It pretty obvious they budget cutting all the Marvel Films.
    Wakanda Forever looked pretty bad especially Namor city that barely could see and nothing compared to Avatar underwater. Wakanda Forever last battle was bad and they didn’t even bother making an Aztec-into-future civilisation just dumped some Aztec looking temples into the sea. It had no identity

  3. Implying that Black Panther 2 had better CGI is funny. Was literally sitting in the theater cringing half the time at the cgi. It was at least a step up from the first one.

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