Announcing Battlegrounds Season 2!

Since November 2019, Battlegrounds has grown into one in every of our hottest and beloved sport modes. For many gamers, Battlegrounds has grow to be their essential option to play Hearthstone, and we’re excited to additional assist and develop the mode for all Battlegrounds gamers. With that in thoughts, Patch 24.2, launching on August 30, will convey a number of the most important adjustments to Battlegrounds we’ve ever seen!

We’re sharing quite a bit on this weblog, so be happy to make use of this desk of contents to information your studying:

Welcome to Battlegrounds Season 2!

New Battlegrounds Track

Battlegrounds will now have its personal development observe that grants Battlegrounds-specific rewards every season. Like the present Hearthstone-wide Rewards Track, there will likely be each free and premium unlockable rewards alongside the Battlegrounds Track, and progress in the direction of these rewards is earned by taking part in. Those Battlegrounds-specific rewards embody new Battlegrounds Emotes, Hero Skins, Strikes, and extra!

The stage 3 reward is free to all gamers, whereas the opposite rewards proven are unlocked by way of the Season Pass.

By giving Battlegrounds gamers their very own rewards observe, we can provide them extra rewards they care about, and we now not must attempt to mesh Battlegrounds rewards with a Gold and XP system that was designed to serve conventional Hearthstone.

Battlegrounds will stay a free-to-play mode, with extra free rewards than ever earlier than. In addition to the free rewards on the Battlegrounds Track, the bottom emotes, superior stats, and hero early entry that have been beforehand bought by way of Battlegrounds Perks will now be out there to all Battlegrounds gamers. We’re excited to make these options free for all gamers. 

Get the Battlegrounds Season Pass to Earn Even More Rewards

The new Battlegrounds Season Pass will get you entry to the premium rewards on the Battlegrounds Track, together with thrilling new tiers of Battlegrounds cosmetics together with extra Emote choices, Legendary Hero Skins, and a brand new three-stage Legendary Strike! Purchasing the Season Pass can even instantly unlock the choice to select from two extra heroes at the beginning of every sport. We’re dedicated to sustaining hero and gameplay stability in order that no matter which heroes you select from, your likelihood for the crown relies totally on participant ability.

Year of the Gryphon Wood Placard Footer

The Season Pass may be bought in-game with Runestones, Hearthstone’s new digital forex. Runestones may be bought by way of each the in-game store and the Battlenet net store, as soon as Patch 24.2 goes dwell. During the transition interval for this primary season, the Season Pass may also be bought with cash immediately, both in-game or by way of the Battlenet net store. The Battlegrounds Season Pass will price the equal to what Battlegrounds Perks price up to now.

Level XP to stage Cumulative XP Free Reward With Season Pass
1 0 0

2 Hero Slots
2 20 20

Crystallarium (Rare Board)
3 20 40 Guardian Xyrella (Rare Emote)
4 20 60

Crystal Justice (Rare Strike)
5 30 90

Dark Force Malygos (Rare Hero Skin)
6 30 120

Dark Flight Malygos (Rare Emote)
7 30 150 Sky Sailor Galewing (Rare Hero Skin)
8 30 180

Magic Guardian Elise (Legendary Hero Skin)
9 40 220

Nozdormu, Time Warden (Rare Hero Skin)
10 40 260

Guardian Reno (Rare Emote)
11 40 300 Tamsin, Shadow Mage (Rare Hero Skin)
12 50 350

Adventure Beauty Reno (Legendary Hero Skin)
13 50 400

Shadow Helm Saurfang (Rare Hero Skin)
14 50 450

Guardian Nguyen (Rare Emote)
15 50 500 Corrupted Arcana (Rare Strike)
16 60 560

Mystical Mentor Nguyen (Rare Hero Skin)
17 60 620

Guardian Bigglesworth (Rare Emote)
18 60 680

Bigglesworth, Feline Guide (Rare Hero Skin)
19 60 740 Tuxedo Bob (Rare Emote)
20 60 800

Tuxedo Bob (Rare Bartender)
21 60 860

George the Fated (Rare Hero Skin)
22 60 920

Dark Flight George (Rare Emote)
23 60 980 Rokara, Arcane Warrior (Rare Hero Skin)
24 60 1040

Crystal Justice (Epic Strike)
25 60 1100

Dark Flight Prestor (Rare Emote)
26 60 1160

Omencaller Prestor (Rare Hero Skin)
27 60 1220 Guardian Jandice (Rare Emote)
28 60 1280

Dawn Guardian Varden (Legendary Hero Skin)
29 60 1340

Spellbound Baz’hial (Rare Hero Skin)
30 60 1400

Guardian A.F.Kay (Rare Emote)
31 60 1460 Corrupted Arcana (Epic Strike)
32 60 1520

AF Kitsune (Rare Hero Skin)
33 60 1580

Deal Speaker Blackthorn (Rare Hero Skin)
34 60 1640

Dark Flight Blackthorn (Rare Emote)
35 60 1700 Sorceress Greymane (Rare Hero Skin)
36 60 1760

Secret Destiny Aranna (Legendary Hero Skin)
37 60 1820

Guardian Toki (Rare Emote)
38 60 1880

Spellwinder Toki (Rare Hero Skin)
39 60 1940 Enchanting Edwin (Legendary Hero Skin)
40 60 2000

Crystal Justice (Legendary Strike)

The Season 2 Battlegrounds Track rewards will give attention to the anime-inspired “Magic of Azeroth” theme. In a brand new, alternate timeline, The Dark Flight has launched a campaign to extinguish all traces of magic from society. They have rallied the Horde as their military, gathered just a few choose magic customers to their aspect, and conquered most of Azeroth. Nozdormu is forming a group to take down The Dark Flight and restore the true timeline. This group, the Guardians of Azeroth, and their allies, should awaken the facility inside them to avoid wasting the Magic of Azeroth!

Join content material creator Nicholena as she interviews Senior Game Producer Alicia Cornelia and Senior Game Designer Jen Stacey concerning the inspiration for, and creation of, this Season’s rewards.

Gain Battlegrounds XP to Earn Your Rewards

In addition to its personal seasonal rewards observe, Battlegrounds will likely be getting its personal particular Battlegrounds XP system. Earning Battlegrounds XP will progress you alongside the Battlegrounds Track in the direction of free and premium rewards. You’ll routinely earn Battlegrounds XP for each Battlegrounds sport you win, just like the way you earn XP on the Hearthstone Rewards Track now.

You can earn much more Battlegrounds XP by finishing new Battlegrounds Missions. Battlegrounds Missions are like Battlegrounds-specific Weekly Quests or Achievements. You’ll be provided 3 new Battlegrounds Missions each week, and you’ll full them to earn Battlegrounds XP. These Missions will financial institution for every Battlegrounds Season, so for those who miss every week, you possibly can come again and full that Mission later. You can even re-roll one Mission per day. Completing Missions will likely be pivotal for getting by way of the Battlegrounds Track and incomes all these candy rewards.

New Battlegrounds missions image

You obtain three Missions per week that every award 60 Battlegrounds XP.

All gamers will nonetheless proceed to get their regular every day and weekly development Quests that progress the Hearthstone Rewards Track. Hearthstone every day and weekly Quests will nonetheless have the ability to be accomplished in Battlegrounds as earlier than, however the Battlegrounds-only weekly Quests will likely be faraway from the final Quest swimming pools and moved over to Battlegrounds Missions pool. 

New Battlegrounds Gameplay Mechanic: Quests!

Battlegrounds Season 2 will function a brand new mechanic all through the Season: Quests! At the beginning of flip 4 (the 6 Gold flip), you’ll be provided three random Quest/Reward pairs to select from. Similar to Hearthstone Quest and Questline playing cards, the Battlegrounds variations will ask you to finish a selected problem and, when you do, offer you a reward that makes you extra highly effective for the remainder of the sport.

Will you go for the highly effective Quest Reward that’s onerous to achieve, or the Quest that the majority matches your established gameplan? The completely different choices imply that no two Battlegrounds video games will play the identical means, and also you’ll should suppose in your toes to adapt on the fly. You can be taught extra about these new gameplay Quests within the devoted Quests preview weblog.

New Minions and Heroes

In addition to the brand new Quest mechanic, Season 2 will introduce two new heroes, eleven new minions, and a number of other updates to heroes, minions, and the general minion pool. Here are a few the brand new minions we’ve invited to the social gathering:

Rendle the Mistermind is kind of suspicious. Whenever you finish the flip with this minion in play, minions begin disappearing from Bob’s Tavern! One may make a fairly penny with these ill-gotten positive aspects.

Theotar noticed nothing. Or did he? The Tea Master spills buffs in your different minions everytime you play one other minion with no minion sort. What kind of legal lineup can you place along with this highly effective minion main the best way?

These are simply a few the visitors coming to Battlegrounds with Patch 24.2. The two new heroes will likely be revealed at 11 a.m. (Pacific) immediately! Keep an eye fixed out for extra particulars within the 24.2 Patch Notes, coming this Thursday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there something I can use my Gold for in Battlegrounds?

A: No, there are not any plans for Battlegrounds to make use of Gold in any means. Players who don’t need to spend actual cash or Runestones will nonetheless have the ability to benefit from the free rewards from the Battlegrounds Track.

Q: I used to have the ability to get Perks with Gold, why do I must pay now?

A: We need Battlegrounds to be performed and beloved for years to return. This change will enable us to proceed to assist and make content material for the rising Battlegrounds neighborhood. Though the power to select from amongst 4 heroes initially of a match is altering to a paid-only function, all gamers can nonetheless play Battlegrounds without spending a dime. We’re dedicated to sustaining hero and gameplay stability in order that the selection from 4 heroes is extra about optionality than energy.

Additionally, as a part of these adjustments, we’re making a gift of extra free Battlegrounds content material than ever earlier than. Advanced stats and base emotes at the moment are out there to all gamers, we’ve dissolved Hero Early Access to permit all gamers to play with new Heroes on patch day, and there are a number of free rewards on the Battlegrounds Track.

Q: What are Runestones?

A: Runestones will likely be changing actual cash purchases for practically each product within the Hearthstone store. Some merchandise, like Pre-Purchase Bundles, the Hearthstone Tavern Pass, and Packs (buying greater than one by one) will have the ability to be bought with cash or Runestones. Just a few different choose merchandise, like packs and cosmetics crafted within the Collection, will stay purchasable with solely Gold.

With Runestones we’ll have the ability to supply extra smaller-scale objects, equivalent to the person Battlegrounds Hero Skins provided within the store with this patch. Runestones will likely be out there in bundles of varied sizes, together with portions that correspond to our main merchandise (just like the Battlegrounds Season Pass), so you should purchase precisely the amount wanted for that product or you possibly can replenish on extra for later. No product prices are altering with this conversion—all costs are staying the identical, simply transformed to Runestones.




* costs mirror USD

Q: Can I earn Runestones in-game?

A: No, there are not any plans to earn Runestones in-game.

Q: How lengthy will it take to finish the Battlegrounds Track?

A: The Battlegrounds Track is designed to be accomplished with an inexpensive quantity of playtime all through the Battlegrounds Season. The first few ranges of the Battlegrounds Track take 20 XP to finish, and this scales as much as 60 XP per stage. There are a complete of 40 ranges within the Track, which require 2000 XP in whole.

Each Battlegrounds sport win (high 4 end) offers you 10 Battlegrounds XP. Each different placement offers 0 Battlegrounds XP. If you need to speed up your development, be certain to finish your Battlegrounds Missions. You get three Battlegrounds Missions each week and each is value 60 Battlegrounds XP! Any unfinished Missions for the week are banked till the top of the season, so much more informal Battlegrounds gamers can make the most of their huge XP boosts at any time when they play.

We calibrated the system to permit a good portion of our engaged Battlegrounds gamers to finish the Battlegrounds Track by the top of the Season. The system is designed to permit even less-engaged gamers a superb likelihood to finish it. We will make changes in future Seasons if mandatory.

Q: Do Battlegrounds Missions award common XP, too?

A: No. You will nonetheless acquire some Hearthstone Rewards Track XP as you play Battlegrounds, and there’ll nonetheless be some Daily and Weekly Hearthstone Quests that will likely be completable in Battlegrounds, however the Battlegrounds Missions will solely award Battlegrounds XP.

Q: How does a tiered strike work? What does a Legendary Strike entail?

A: We have upgraded the Strikes so as to add much more KABLAM! With the Season Pass, you not solely get the preliminary two-tier Crystal Justice Strike, but additionally can unlock two extra tiers to that Strike. That features a tier with a particular impact while you knock out a participant, and a second tier with an excellent bigger particular impact while you knock out a participant to win first place. As you progress alongside the observe you’ll unlock every new stage of the identical strike.

Q: What is a Legendary Battlegrounds Hero Skin?

A: Battlegrounds Legendary Hero Skins embody animated portraits and voice over results.

Mana Crystals Page Footer Image

We have huge plans to proceed bringing new content material to Battlegrounds. New heroes, new minions, new occasions, and new programs will hold Battlegrounds enjoyable and contemporary. We’ll additionally hold bringing again previous favorites and updating all our present programs. This is our remaining main Battlegrounds replace of 2022. We’re extremely enthusiastic about every thing coming in Season 2 and past, and we will’t wait to share all of it with you quickly. Until then, we’ll see you in Battlegrounds!

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