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Andor Episode 8 as soon as once more delivers an in depth, nuanced have a look at life below the Empire and as cool as it’s to have a look at, the present’s characters all appear fairly burdened. Cassian’s in jail (once more), Syril Karn is getting interrogated by the ISB and Mon Mothma is committing somewhat gentle treason in the center of a cocktail party. So why do some rebels like Luthen Rael and Saw Gerrera need the Empire to get even worse? IGN host Max Scoville has the full Canon Fodder breakdown, ending defined and all the Easter Eggs we might discover. 

Andor returns for one more episode on Disney Plus following the future Rogue One hero as he fumbles his manner into the Rebel Alliance together with some very nervous people on Coruscant. If you’re watching Star Wars Andor and are on the lookout for an Andor breakdown or the ending defined of an Andor trailer, then we might have the Star Wars explainer collection for you. The Andor collection on Disney+ (a.ok.a. Andor Disney Plus) stars Diego Luna, who additionally starred in Rogue One Andor wouldn’t it, he’s in jail once more. 

If you’re looking by way of Luthen Rael’s gallery for Andor Easter Eggs or perhaps a single Andor Easter Egg, then watch Canon Fodder for Andor defined and a full blown Andor recap. We’ve acquired Star Wars defined, we acquired Andor ending defined and even Saw Gerrera Andor, as a result of the battle-hardened rebel positively makes an look. Watch Star Wars Canon Fodder on IGN.

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  1. People that think this show is boring would be saying the same thing if they saw Star Wars ANH for the first time now. YouTube and modern movies have completely warped their judgement of quality and destroyed every last ounce of patience they ever had. Peace out!

  2. One major easter egg/Cameo you guys overlooked was that Melshi is in the same prison and works at the same table as Cassian, so this is how they meet before Rogue One. Melshi is one of the Pathfinders that Cassian gives command of the ground forces during the assault on Scariff. So He is going to play a big part in Cassians escape.

  3. Moroff is in the episode. He paces back and forth infront of one of the cave openings. On the right. You can see him in the same shot as Benthic. And then again in a closer shot when the camera is focused on Luthen and pointed at the outside.

    Also…Saw has at least 2 X-Wings parked there.

  4. Another Easter Egg that slip and not included in This video is Melshi, the Rebel Soldier who save Jyn Erso From prison in Rogue One, and Also he is one of the unsunk heroes Who join the fight with Cassian in the battle on scariff. 👍🏻👍🏻✨

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