Andor: Did Kino Loy Survive the Narkina 5 Prison Break?

Star Wars followers in all places had their hearts soar into their throats after they heard Andy Serkis say three little phrases: “I can’t swim.” Kino Loy, the unsung hero who rallied the Imperial prisoners in a daring jail break on Narkina 5, couldn’t full the jail break himself as he can’t swim. So did he survive? Join IGN for a fast concept on why we nonetheless assume he made it out alive.


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  1. The First Rule of Star Wars is: If you didn't see the body, the person isn't dead.

    The Second Rule of Star Wars is: Even if they did leave a body, occasionally, they Somehow Return.

    The Third Rule of Star Wars is: If Disney thinks a character is profitable enough, if they can't "revive" a character, they will get a Prequel Series.

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