An enormous TFT 12.23 B-patch will drop earlier than Riot’s vacation break

Heading into the Riot Games vacation break, the Teamfight Tactics stability crew is placing collectively a Set Eight 12.23 B-patch that can include a lot of micro-adjustments, in keeping with recreation designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. 

Set Eight Monster’s Attack! launched on Dec. 7, that includes new mechanics like Hero Augments along with champions and traits. The launch was successful balance-wise, showcasing all kinds of playable comps. Players can anticipate a “larger B-patch than normal with lots of micro adjustments since nothings too far off,” mentioned Mortdog, because the crew needs gamers to have “the best experience over the holiday break.”

Players can probably anticipate some type of nerf or bug repair to be utilized to Viego for the reason that four-cost champion can one-shot enemy boards with ease below the best circumstances. Champions like Zed, Zoey, Jax, Miss Fortune, Camille, and Taliyah are additionally on the new seat for some small micro nerfs. 

Urgot might get some AP buffs, in keeping with Mortdog on the TFT Set Eight Summit occasion, offering extra flexibility to the five-cost legendary whereas additionally giving gamers an opportunity to gather extra late-game chests filled with gold and gadgets. And gamers are hoping for small buffs that may get utilized to champions like Samira, Yuumi, Soraka, Vi, and Vayne. 

The TFT Set Eight 12.23 B-patch will probably hit the reside servers round 2pm CT on Dec. 13. No different updates are anticipated to happen till after Jan. 1, 2023, when the Riot crew returns from their vacation break. 

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