Amazon Has Delayed Its Metroid Prime Remastered Preorders, It’s Sold Out Everywhere – IGN Daily Fix

In as we speak’s Daily Fix:
Metroid Prime: Remastered was initially shadow-dropped in the course of the current Nintendo Direct on February 8 as a digital-only obtain, however we additionally received affirmation {that a} bodily version could be approaching February 22 within the US, or March 3 in different markets just like the UK and Japan. Famed sport developer Shinji Mikami, well-known for guiding the unique Resident Evil and The Evil Within, is leaving Tango Gameworks after 13 years. Presented by The Consultant, Premiering February twenty fourth, solely on Prime.


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  1. Does Amazon ever get pre-ordered videogames out on time?

    And, IGN, "neutral color schemes" are the ultimate eyesore. Stop bending the knee to these silly groups who don't give a damn about your company.

  2. Nintendo is purposely sabotaging physical game sales.. FIrst they are making the digital version available TWO WEEKS earlier, even though the physical copies were available BEFORE the digital version was shadow dropped. Now they are not making very many. Nintendo clearly doesn't want customers to actually OWN anything. They want you to lease it all, and repay over and over again.

  3. It’s easy to find in stores if you’re in a major metropolitan area. That’s thing about us gamers: we don’t like to be inconvenienced and we don’t like to go outside. Ergo, it’s much easier to find in-store than it is to get a pre-order lol

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