All proper, is *that* Sauron?

The largest thriller in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power for the reason that present’s first episode has been the id of Sauron. We know that the long run Dark Lord of the rings has the flexibility to shapeshift within the time interval the Prime Video sequence is about, and Galadriel has been relentlessly on the hunt for him from the beginning of the present.

Some robust candidates have emerged (and a few much less robust) within the early episodes, however after the fourth episode of the present, “The Great Wave,” it’s time to discover a barely extra out-there idea.

What if Sauron is that messed-up sword?

Tyroe Muhafidin (Theo), a young boy, stares at a messed-up looking sword that he’s holding

Photo: Ben Rothstein/Prime Video

Theo, a human youngster who’s the son of Bronwyn, discovered a cursed blade in a barn a couple of episodes again, and has been captivated by it ever since. Could that be the reply?

It could seem unlikely, contemplating what number of mysterious individuals the present has thrust in our faces as potential Saurons, however there may be priority for imbuing energy into objects on this world (simply see the title of the present).

And that sword is actually tousled. Initially only a damaged hilt, it extends right into a full sword when it attaches itself to Theo’s arm. It takes a toll, too — we will see the mark it has left on his arm (and the arm of a earlier holder, as Theo discovers within the present’s fourth episode). The present’s curiosity in people drawn to evil (as made repeatedly clear by how the elves speak concerning the struggle in opposition to Morgoth) may help this idea, though it’s unclear precisely what the attract of the sword is to Theo or different people.

But let’s play this out. Say the sword is Sauron, and in an try to retain energy and relevancy whereas remaining safely out of the crosshairs of these looking him down, he imbued himself right into a cursed object. Now Theo has bonded with the sword. That may make him both an easy servant of Sauron, pushing him to attain no matter objectives essential to convey the Dark Lord again. But an alternate could possibly be that the sword itself positioned Sauron’s energy inside Theo, progressively changing the kid with Sauron himself. Or maybe Theo might be proof of the likelihood that people can resist evil impulses, regardless of what the elves assume. We’ll have to attend and see how that develops, however one factor is for positive: that’s one fucked-up sword.

Checking in with the opposite Sauron candidates

Halbrand raising his mug with people out of focus raising their mugs around him

Photo: Matt Grace/Prime Video

If you’re somebody who’s nonetheless banking on Sauron being the Stranger, it was a harfoot-less (and giant-less) episode this week, so no information there.

But it was a powerful week for the “Halbrand is Sauron” crowd, as he regularly delivers mysteriously veiled strains that counsel he is aware of greater than he’s letting on (and that he’s making an attempt to control Galadriel, one thing that grew to become much more abundantly clear as he defined to freaking Galadriel easy methods to manipulate individuals). There was additionally the voice-over from Queen Regent Míriel that instructed evil was already round Númenor — whereas the digital camera lingered on Halbrand.

The elven orc chief Adar additionally had a distinguished episode, telling Arondir about how a lot he doesn’t know concerning the world and managing to be charismatically menacing whereas doing so. To us, it appears extra doubtless he works for Sauron, however you by no means know. If Galadriel must be taught easy methods to assert her affect by a human a few years her junior, something is feasible with this present.

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