Learn the language of the puppets in Lies of P.

Set in a world of puppets gone mad and alchemical malpractice leading to the downfall of mankind, Lies of P is not exactly full of sunshine and rainbows. In fact, there are horrors awaiting players on almost every corner, but that doesn’t mean that communications should take a backseat to violence.



Knowing how to communicate is a skill that everyone should learn, even the main puppet protagonist of the game. Like many other soul-likes, this can be done via Gestures, and for anyone hoping to nab that Learning About Emotions trophy or achievement, this guide will lead the way to all the Gestures available in Lies of P.

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All Gestures and How to Find Them in Lies of P

There are a total of 17 Gestures that can be obtained in the game. Players will amass them through story progression, competing side quests, or even by reading certain collectible letters found around the city of Krat. There are also limitations in the form of Gestures being locked behind certain choices to lie or tell the truth, so be ready to venture into New Game+ to collect them all.




Already available.

Check Ground

Already available.

Show Off Clothes

Speak to Antonia after arriving at Hotel Krat for the first time.


Found at Elysion Boulevard Entrance, locate the Frozen Man’s Letter, which can be found after dropping a hole on the rooftops and entering the room with the white sofa. Read the letter.

Stalker’s Promise

Found at the Workshop Union Culvert. From the place where the Black Cat and Red Fox are standing, head up the stairs next to them and drop through the hole in the floor to find the Survivor. Beat this enemy to obtain the Gesture.


Obtained from talking to Venigni after meeting him at the Stargazer on the second floor of the Venigni Works Control Room.


Talk to Venigni at Hotel Krat after defeating King’s Flame, Fuoco. Eventually, he will reward players with the Gesture.


Complete Sister Cecile’s side quest at the Cathedral by obtaining the Holy Mark and giving it to her. Return after defeating Fallen Archibishop Andreus and read Cecile’s Written Confession.


Obtained after beating The Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood enemy at Malum District Town Hall.


Pick up the Portrait of a Boy in the Malum District after beating The Eldest, and return to Geppetto at Hotel Krat. Speak to him to get the Gesture.


Complete Julian the Gentleman’s side quest by picking up the Wedding Ring from the dead puppet on Rosa Isabelle Street. Return to him and choose to lie.


Defeat Champion Victor and open up the Saintess of Mercy Hall, which can be found at the greenhouse. Interact with the statue.


After progressing the story and clearing the Grand Exhibition area, give the Black Cat the Gold Coin Fruit and receive this Gesture.


Progress Polendina’s side quest and have Giangio craft the medicine for Antonia before asking the butler to give it to her. After defeating the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster of the Swamp, speak to Antonia.


Grab the Gesture from Antonia after beating the Corrupted Parade Master.


At the Arche Abbey Outer Wall, keep progressing through the area until there is an elevator. Take it down and navigate past the traps to find Test Subject 826 at the bottom. Speak to him.


Upon defeating Laxasia the Complete at the Ascension Bridge enter Sophia’s bedroom and choose to Give Sophia Peace.

Learning About Emotions Trophy & Achievement

Once all 17 Gestures have been picked up by players, the trophy/achievement Learning About Emotions will be unlocked. This will also allow for the completion of another side quest that can be found at the Barren Swamp, where another puppet is awaiting to be taught the meaning of emotions.

Lies of P is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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