A new thriller from the scriptwriter of Jurassic Park and Spider-Man is headed to Netflix

David Koepp is excessive on the record of “writers whose work you definitely know, even if you don’t remember their names.” Koepp’s identify is throughout fashionable blockbuster cinema: He wrote 2002’s Spider-Man, the first of Sam Raimi’s trilogy about the wall-crawling superhero, and tailored Michael Crichton’s novel Jurassic Park into the first movie in the ongoing dinosaur franchise. He co-wrote the first of Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible films, and the first (and final) of the stillborn Dark Universe films, The Mummy, additionally starring Cruise. He wrote the 1993 cult crime basic Carlito’s Way, starring Al Pacino and Sean Penn, and the propulsive 2022 thriller Kimi, at the moment one of our contenders for the finest films of 2022.

Koepp additionally wrote or co-wrote David Fincher’s Panic Room, Ron Howard’s The Paper, Robert Zemeckis’ darkish comedic fantasy Death Becomes Her, and Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Whether you like or hate any of these films, you’ve nearly actually seen his work on display.

Koepp is additionally a director — his movies embrace the creepy Kevin Bacon ghost story Stir of Echoes, the propulsive Joseph Gordon-Levitt motion film Premium Rush, and the deeply bizarre Johnny Depp film Mortdecai. And in 2019, he turned a novelist with the bioterrorism thriller Cold Storage. His newest e-book, Aurora, has been optioned for a Netflix adaptation, which writer HarperCollins says will likely be directed by The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty, and Strange Days director Kathryn Bigelow.

Aurora is a Crichton-like “scientific thriller” primarily based on real-world predictions about the attainable outcomes of a large-scale geomagnetic storm on fashionable society. The novel facilities round two locales: In Aurora, Illinois, a girl named Aubrey is taking care of the 15-year-old son of her predatory ex-husband Rusty, who’s at the moment in the course of of divorcing his newest spouse. With the storm coming and the nationwide energy grid predicted to go down, Aubrey scrambles to put together and then to survive in the suburbs.

Meanwhile, her estranged, fantastically wealthy Silicon Valley CEO brother Thom has a $30 million bunker ready for any contingency, and he faces fully completely different issues as the lights exit. Below, learn an excerpt from Aurora, which arrives in shops on June 7.

Cover of David Koepp’s Aurora, showing a house in darkness against a vivid starry sky, with a blaze of orange firelight in front of it

Image: HarperCollins Publishers

What was instantly clear to Aubrey was that she’d discovered precisely nothing from COVID. Well, that wasn’t totally true. She had discovered as soon as once more that wildly sudden occasions do occur in life and that they’ll final manner longer than you’d ever think about, with way more far-reaching penalties. Therefore, it’s solely primary frequent sense to replenish on provides and hope the dreadful day by no means comes. She’d turn out to be conscious of the indisputable fact that she was now not a solitary particular person on this world however, quite, the sole caregiver for a moody teenage shithead, and that she had an ethical obligation to be ready to present for them each. Things occur. Be prepared.

Her first step, eighteen months in the past, had been to discover out precisely what an individual would wish in the subsequent massive emergency. She’d googled “basic home disaster kit” and discovered lots of of hits to select from. The first few have been sponsored, overpriced duffel baggage jammed with an excessive amount of of the mistaken stuff, however a couple of hyperlinks down she discovered an article with a dot-gov suffix, so she’d clicked on that. The helpful guidelines appeared to cowl every little thing, not only for one other lethal virus however for earthquakes, fires, energy outages, even a unclean bomb explosion. Dutifully, she’d printed it out and taped it to the rust-proof black metal storage rack she’d purchased on Amazon for $200 and put collectively one wet Saturday, simply round the nook from the basement stairs.

Aubrey stood in entrance of the rack now, observing the two-page catastrophe guidelines, which she’d even laminated earlier than taping it to the help on the proper aspect. She’d gotten off to an important begin. The lamination, she felt, was a very heads-up contact. One merchandise had been crossed off, the very first on the record: obtain the beneficial provides record. There was a neat black line drawn by way of it, a line so straight and true that it pretty shone with confidence and pleasure in a single’s farsightedness. Yes, she’d finished that.

The relaxation of the record, nevertheless, was clear, white, and unmarked. The storage rack itself held exactly one merchandise, or eleven, relying on the way you needed to rely them, a cardboard sleeve that had as soon as held twelve cans of Goya Black Beans. One of the cans was lacking, and she remembered clearly the day she’d made them as a aspect dish and found that each she and Scott despised Goya Black Beans. She’d solely purchased them as a result of she’d learn they might be saved for lengthy intervals of time, however, rattling, you would grasp on to these eleven cans of beans for a decade and nonetheless not eat them.

The relaxation of the storage rack was unburdened by survival provides. There was no saved water, no battery-powered or hand-crank radio, no NOAA Weather Radio with tone alert, no flashlight, first help package, additional batteries, whistle, mud masks, plastic sheeting, duct tape, moist towelettes, rubbish baggage, wrench or pliers, native maps, additional cellular phone with charger and backup battery, additional prescription medicines, sleeping bag, or matches in a water-resistant container. There was no anything from the record in any respect.

Aubrey stood observing the empty storage rack in despair. “That’s pathetic.”

The voice had come from behind her. She turned and noticed Scott at the base of the stairs. She turned again, in no temper to be harassed. “I’m aware of that.”

“You didn’t stock up on anything?” “No. Did you?”

“I’m fifteen. It’s not my job.” She didn’t reply. Scott sensed a mushy spot, so he pressed on it. “Did you really need to come down here and look at the rack in order to figure out there was nothing on it?”

“No, Scott, I was well aware there’s nothing on the rack. I came down to get this.” She tore the laminated record off the upright and headed for the stairs, brushing previous him. He stayed the place he was, observing the empty cabinets.

“I hate those fucking beans.” “So do I. Are you coming?” “Where?”

“To the store.”

He turned and checked out her. She was now at the prime of the stairs, and he at the backside. He furrowed his forehead. “The thing hits in, what, four hours or something? Do you have any idea how many people are going to be at the store? Do you honestly think there will even be anything left at the store?”

She took a breath, making an attempt to quell the anger that was rising in her, competing with panic as her dominant emotion. “It’s not going to get any better if we wait. Meet me at the car.”

She went upstairs, obtained her purse, and pulled out her pockets. A hundred and eleven {dollars} was, frankly, greater than she often carried, and she was happy she at the very least had that a lot. They’d cease at the financial institution on the manner, take the every day restrict off her debit card, and put every little thing they may get at the Piggly Wiggly on her Visa whereas the machines have been nonetheless working. Even in the event that they purchased each single factor on the record, in double portions, it wouldn’t final them greater than a pair weeks, however there was no level pondering that far forward.

She scooped up her keys and headed for the entrance door, pulling her bag over her shoulder. Scott got here up out of the basement and drifted towards the TV, which was tuned to more and more frantic cable information. Scott’s eyes have been massive, his spiking anxiousness belying the adolescent cool he was making an attempt to undertaking.

Aubrey turned again, picked up the distant, and shut the TV off in the center of the anchor’s breathless hypothesis about the length of the impending worldwide energy outage. Scott turned on her. “You don’t think we need to know that stuff?”

She took a step ahead and seemed up at him. He’d handed her in peak a few yr in the past and she wasn’t used to it but. At least it was good for her posture. She stood, ramrod straight, and seemed into his icy blue eyes, the identical colour as his father’s.

“No. We don’t. What we need is to get to the store, now.”

He checked out her, his cheek twitching. The child was virtually biting a gap by way of his face, both in anger or concern. Probably each.

Aubrey softened her tone. “You know, I read once that if you’re sad, you’re living in the past. If you’re anxious, you’re living in the future. But if you’re at peace, you’re living in the present.”

“And if you’re completely fucked, you’re living with Aubrey.”

The urge to slap him was overwhelming. She even pictured herself doing it, in the surge of adrenaline that ran by way of her physique. She noticed her arm recoiling, proper hand again over her left biceps, and then slicing outwards in an arc, her backhand catching him absolutely on the proper aspect of his face. She noticed his head snap to the aspect and the offended crimson patch develop on his cheek. She noticed him flip again to her, shock in his eyes, his fingertips going to his infected pores and skin, and she noticed the expression on his face that stated, “Wow, I have completely misjudged this lady and I better pull my shit together right this fucking second.” Somehow, seeing that scene play out in her thoughts was sufficient, and she didn’t want to reside it.

Instead, she spoke in a stage voice. “I’m sorry your parents dumped you, Scott. I’m what you’ve got. Get in the car.”

She turned and walked out.

In the automotive, she slammed the door, began it up, and waited. She’d made a powerful, unkind play for management and now simply had to hope she’d commanded sufficient of his respect to get by way of the subsequent few hours. Her eye caught motion and she seemed up, into the rearview mirror. They weren’t the solely ones in the neighborhood who’d heard the information, and everyone was headed someplace, doing what wanted to be finished whereas it was nonetheless attainable to do something in any respect.

Norman Levy, the eighty-eight-year-old former faculty professor who lived at the close to finish of the block, was standing in his entrance yard, holding a boxlike contraption in entrance of his eyes and staring straight into the late-afternoon solar. Aubrey half smiled for the first time that day. Of course Norman was knowledgeable and . He was by no means something however that.

She turned and seemed again at her home. Impatient, she pressed the flat of her hand on the middle of the wheel and set free an extended, fats horn blast. Scott got here out a minute later, the display door slamming behind him, shoving one thing thick in his entrance pocket. He left the entrance door hanging half open behind him. Jesus Christ, this is one hell of a catastrophe sidekick I ended up with.

Scott obtained in the automotive, shut his door, and stared straight forward. Aubrey put it in reverse and pulled out, sooner than she meant to, the entrance finish bottoming out on the uneven sidewalk.

The financial institution had closed an hour early, and the line for the ATM cubicle snaked out the door and midway down the block. Scott and Aubrey sat in the automotive for a second, simply observing it.

“That line’s at least a half-hour,” Aubrey stated. “Puts us behind at the supermarket. Do it or not?”

Scott had his cellphone out and was tapping away. She rolled her eyes. “Can whoever you’re texting please wait until we—”

He minimize her off, studying from the cellphone. “It says the average ATM can hold as much as two hundred thousand dollars, but almost none of them do. In off-hours, it’s more like ten thousand.”

Aubrey’s eyes skimmed the line in entrance of the financial institution, counting quick. “That’s gotta be thirty people. Closer to forty.”

“What’s the most you can take out at once?” he requested. “Six hundred dollars.”

He shook his head, firmly. “Even if we waited, that thing’s gonna be empty by the time we get there.”

“I have a hundred and twelve dollars on me,” she stated. “That’s it.”


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Soon to be a significant movement image from Netflix and Academy Award-winning director Kathryn Bigelow.

From the writer of Cold Storage comes a riveting, eerily believable thriller, instructed with the menace and aptitude of Under the Dome or Project Hail Mary, through which a worldwide cataclysm performs out in the lives of one difficult Midwestern household. 

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