A History of Slasher Movies

Horror film month marches on and we’re having a look at one of essentially the most terrifying flavors of scary film, the slasher flick! From their origins within the early days of cinema, via the event of the all-important “rules” and past, how have slasher motion pictures advanced across the globe?

Written and edited by @TomJorgensen

This was initially revealed on Cinefix on 10/22/20.


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  1. I’m surprised that 1979’s “Alien” didn’t get a mention, as it was originally Ridley Scott’s “slasher in space”, and spawned its own well known franchise, obviously.

    James Cameron took it and mashed it with Apocalypse Now in 1986’s “Aliens.”

  2. Wish a fighting game with all the iconic slashers would get made

    And they could all have unique fatalities

    Not a weak low budget thing like Terrordome or something.

    Something by Netherrealm.

    And with a cool story mode

  3. Wanna know something crazy we still haven’t gotten a new Friday the 13th but if we do get a new one it would be the 13th movie to dawn the title of “Friday day the 13th” we currently sit at 12 movies with the last movie being the reboot in 2009

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