• Anime has the power to evoke strong emotions, from tackling social anxiety in “Komi Can’t Communicate” to exploring heartbreak and grief in “Given.”
  • Slice of Life anime, like “Bocchi the Rock” and “Kotaro Lives Alone,” offers relatable stories about characters facing real-world problems and finding new friendships.
  • “Your Lie In April” and “Nana” delve into complex themes of abuse, loss, and fame, taking viewers on emotional rollercoasters and leaving a lasting impact.



Anime is a vast medium that contains dozens of genres and mixes of storytelling. For the majority of fans, most anime come with action-packed episodes, breathtaking animation, and suspenseful battles. While action anime has its place, many times over a simple “day in the life of” anime can hit all the right spots just as well. Slice of Life anime is a genre that takes fans on a rollercoaster ride of emotions about love, friendship, loss, and sometimes regret.

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The stories that come from characters facing real-world problems, struggling with who they are, who they want to be, and how they have become hit closer to home for many viewers and allow them to go on a journey together and maybe come out of the other end with a new understanding. Anime can hit many emotions, from tugging on heartstrings to forcing ear-to-ear smiles. Here are some of the most emotionally impactful anime to watch.

8 Komi Can’t Communicate

Komi and Tadano

Komi Can’t Communicate is a blindsiding series that takes the real issue of social anxiety and tacks on to a beautifully animated story of a young girl’s quest to make new friends. On one sunny day at the fresh start of the new school year, Komi spends the day trapped inside herself, unable to speak a word due to her crippling social anxiety.

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Thankfully, Tadano and her meet on common ground, and for the first time, Komi sees a glimpse of hope. As the series goes on, Tadano pulls Komi out of her comfort zone and soon goes on an adventure to make one hundred friends.

7 Bocchi The Rock

band members in Bocchi the Rock!

Bocchi the Rock is another anime that tells a story about a young girl struggling with the weight of her own anxiety. With dreams of hitting the big stage as a world-famous guitarist, Hitori spends all her days in her room, barely stepping foot outside if not for school.

But Hitori is determined and takes it upon herself to finally join a band and perform live on stage. In doing so, Hitori finds herself the fourth member of an up-and-coming group with 5 new friends who all go to her school. Little by little, Hitori gains her confidence as her new friends pull her out of her shell and into the spotlight.

6 Kotaro Lives Alone

Kotaro Sato in Kotaro Lives Alone

Kototaro, a young boy mature for his age, begins living at an apartment complex on his own, and while he does produce a few head turns, he is quickly accepted by the small group of his adult neighbors. As the story progresses, Kotaro’s new life begins to catch up with his old one, and his history becomes known to his newfound family. While trying to learn how to become independent, Kotaro must also learn to come to terms with the vacancy of his family and the responsibilities that come with it.

5 Given

given anime

Given explores the world of heartbreak and grief unlike any other and stands it on stage in a powerful ballad. Mofuyu is struggling with his depression after his former partner took their own life. In a last-ditch effort to find some closure, Mafuyu finds himself the lead singer in a band where he also meets another love interest. With a storm of emotion welling up inside him, Mafuyu finds something he never thought he had, his voice and a song.

4 Your Lie In April

Best Anime Romance- Kousei Kaori Your Lie in April

Arima was a child prodigy who reached national fame for his pristine ability to perform on the piano at an expert level. Unfortunately, Arima suffered a grave loss with the death of his mother but found himself conflicted with being hurt by her passing but happy to be free of her abuse. However, the guilt of this happiness robbed Arima of his ability to play the piano. While in the midst of his reclusion, Arima finds himself on a journey to recovery, being pulled back into the limelight by his best friend’s girlfriend, who has some secrets of her own.

3 Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai

rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai, sakuta and friends on a traveling on a train

With a splash of the supernatural, Rascal does not dream about bunny girl Senpai follows Sakuta, a young boy living on his own with his little sister who was the victim of strange occurrences called inexplicable puberty syndrome, which affects teenagers facing social anxiety and stress. Sakuta befriends another young woman who has become afflicted by the disease, becoming invisible to almost everyone around her except Sakuta. The two become close and together try to get to the bottom of the sickness and aid those that have become victims of it.

2 Tsurune

tsurune linking shot episode 2 minato aiming bow

After a bad showing at a middle school tournament, Minato decides to give up on archery, having lost his confidence and developed target panic, becoming unable to perform. However, Minato’s sickness stems from a traumatic event when he was younger.

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Through a chance encounter, Minato meets an older man named Masaki, who also suffered from target panic but now can fire off arrows that make the same sound that entranced him when he was younger. Masaki inspired Minato to take back up his bow and rejoin his high school team. To Minato’s surprise, Misaki ends up being his new coach. Tsurune tells a brilliant story that is sure to cause fans to grab their tissue box.

1 Nana

nana osaki and nana kamatsu from the anime nana

Nana tells the story of two girls who happen to have the same name but live extremely different lives. Nana K is a girly girl with a ditzy attitude and poor decision-making skills who is in need of a place to stay. Nana O is a budding rock star who happens to have a room for rent. The girls quickly bond and become good friends, which leads them down a road that neither saw coming. The price of fame and the cost of heartache take both women down a spiral of emotions that splinter their friendship and cost them and the people in their lives a heavy tole.

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