• The whereabouts of Rudeus’ mother Zenith remain unknown, even after the Teleport Incident.
  • Fans are eager to know what happened to Eris and Ghislaine after they departed the Fittoa Region.
  • The cause of the Teleport Incident and the identity of Hitogami, who guides Rudeus, are still major unsolved mysteries.



Having garnered considerable acclaim and notoriety since the debut of its first season, Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation is currently one of the most high-profile titles in the isekai genre, with its immersive world, gripping storytelling, and beautiful animation. Now well into Season 2 of its run, the anime is covering Rudeus’ time at the Ranoa Magic Academy, where he fatefully reunites with both his childhood friend Sylphiette, and encounters Nanahoshi Shizuka, a former companion of the Dragon God Orsted, and a fellow soul from Rudeus’ original world.

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While the story is still in its infancy compared to the far longer run of the light novel series and its ongoing manga adaptation, quite a few things have come to light regarding the many unanswered questions in Season 1 of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the most prominent unsolved mysteries in the series, covering some of the pressing questions that have not been addressed in the anime as yet.

7 Where Is Zenith?

Zenith Greyrat

One of the biggest questions surrounding the series, particularly after the turning point that was the Teleport Incident, is the whereabouts of Rudeus’ mother Zenith. After her disappearance during the Teleport Incident, both Rudeus and Paul strived to find her, but their efforts were to no avail. Even when the former Demon Empress Kishirika Kishirisu used her Demon Eyes to seek out her location, the only information that was provided was that Zenith was residing on the Begaritt Continent.

As of Season 2 of the anime, Rudeus was informed by Elinalise Dragonroad that Paul was headed there to rescue her, although no further updates have been given about this in the time that Rudeus has spent at Ranoa Magic Academy.

6 What Happened To Eris And Ghislaine?

Eris Mushoku Tensei

After Season 1, Eris and Ghislaine departed the Fittoa Region to train together and flee the political marriage that Eris was forced into as a consequence of her entire family having perished during or after the Teleport Incident. Initially, Rudeus was extremely depressed on realizing that Eris had virtually abandoned him after they had spent the night together.

However, although he has managed to get over his insecurities regarding this event to some degree, Rudeus has not attempted to seek her out in any capacity. There have also been no real updates on the current status of Eris and Ghislaine, and most fans of the anime will likely be burning with questions about what happened to them.

5 What Caused The Teleport Incident?

Teleport Incident Mushoku Tensei - Featured

This is perhaps one of the biggest questions in the series from Season 1. In effect, the Teleport Incident was responsible for the destruction of the Fittoa Region, the scattering of Rudeus and Sylphiette’s families, the death of Eris’ family, as well as the beginning of Rudeus and Eris’ adventure to return from the Demon Continent.

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Although the introduction of Nanahoshi provided some insight into the cause of the event, there is still no clear answer regarding who summoned her to the Six-Faced World to trigger it. The Teleport Incident is also the main focus of Rudeus’ research at Ranoa Magic Academy, and it is more than likely that further information will be revealed as Season 2 progresses.

4 Who Is Hitogami?

human god -hitogami

A mysterious figure responsible for guiding Rudeus’ journey after his reincarnation, Hitogami has been a divisive figure since his introduction. On the one hand, he has been responsible for quite a few of Rudeus’ triumphs in his new life, but on the other, he is also reviled by several major figures in the story. To date, very little has been revealed about his true nature, objectives, allegiances, or the reason why he is attempting to help Rudeus navigate the world he has been reborn into.

Additionally, it is also quite intriguing to note that he seems to exist on a plane of reality beyond those of Rudeus’ past and current existence, and he appears to possess some level of omniscience, as his predictions about Rudeus have invariably come true. Whether he is a divine being or not is another question that most fans will want to have answered, with the anime explaining little about the part he will have to play in the future.

3 Why Was Rudeus Reincarnated?

Mushoku Tensei II Ep10 Rudeus Blushing

Another pressing query that many fans may have, is the reason behind Rudeus’ reincarnation into the Six-Faced World. Unlike Nanahoshi, who was transported there in her original body, Rudeus’ soul inhabited the body of Zenith and Paul Greyrat’s child, which is partly why he possesses mana and ages, as opposed to Nanahoshi who cannot perform magic on her own and has not aged since entering the domain of the Six-Faced World.

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Uncovering this mystery would also pave the way towards understanding more about Rudeus’ own role in this world, as well as his mysterious connection to Hitogami, which is one of the biggest unanswered questions in the series to date.

2 Who Are The Other Seven Great Powers?

Seven Great Powers Mushoku Tensei-2

Introduced during Rudeus’ journey back to the Central Continent after the Teleport Incident, the Seven Great Powers are said to be the strongest warriors in the world, chosen after the Second Human-Demon War. The only known member of this group that has been introduced so far is the Dragon God, Orsted, said to be the most powerful warrior in the world.

If his encounter with Rudeus, Eris, and Ruijerd is anything to go by, there is little doubt that the other members of the Seven Great Powers must be powerful warriors in their own right. While it is fairly likely that more among their number will be introduced as the story moves forward, the origins of this system and its earliest incarnation have not been explored in too much depth in the anime.

1 What Happened To Laplace?

demon god - laplace

Mentioned innumerable times throughout the Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation anime in varying contexts, the Demon King Laplace is a figure shrouded in mystery. Virtually nothing has been explained about his nature, abilities, or history, apart from the fateful war that led to the manifestation of the curse of the Superd Tribe.

Even Ruijerd’s account of this calamity was limited to the tragedy of his race, and it is expected that the anime will explore the topic of the war, as well as the story of Laplace himself in time, as Rudeus embarks on more adventures and gains more insight into the history of the world he has been reborn into.

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