5 Best Marvel Snap Pool 1 Decks for Beginners

There are infinite methods to safe victory within the new Marvel centric card recreation Marvel Snap, however in case you are new or simply beginning out, creating a strong deck may appear difficult.  We have scoured round multiverse to be taught the most recent suggestions, methods, and metas the early recreation has to supply. Here are a few of the greatest Marvel Snap Beginner decks from pool 1 to step your recreation up.


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  1. Teleporting, amass cards then plonk devil dinosaur, kill your own team to get stronger via nova and of course get the winter soldier, control thr battlefield with Professor Charles and Storm. The lists are endless. This game is truly amazing

  2. 2:05 For the movement deck, you also want Vulture. He starts at +3 power, but with each move he gains +5. He would move at the same time as Multiple Man with Dr. Strange and one last time with Heimdal.

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