30 MUST PLAY Xbox Series X | S Games of All Time (2022 Edition)

When factoring in all of the exclusives that the PlayStation 5 and Switch, the Xbox Series X/S feels form of…barren as compared. Nevertheless, there have been some standouts and Game Pass has helped present a platform for a number of glorious video games that will have in any other case gone unplayed.

Let’s check out 30 of the most effective Xbox Series X/S titles of all time, so far.


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  1. But…but……but game pass is the best thing to ever happen to the industry I can play DAY ONE EXCLUSIVES (😭🤣) for free and not pay a dime and we will get new exclusives every year it will kill playstation 😭😭😭

  2. Boi, i'll never understand the Hades hype. After playing hours and hours of Binding of Isaac, Dead Cells, Enter the Gungeon and Hollow Knight, Hades feels hyper mega boring and overrated.

  3. I purchased my first-ever Xbox a few months ago. I am thoroughly disappointed in their exclusive catalogue. More disappointed than I imagined I'd be. Definitely cancelling Gamepass after I've played one particular game released next month. I can't be accused of being biased seeing as I just forked out £500 on Xbox hardware. I hope the future they're buying improves their exclusives because it fails in comparison to what Sony offer me, a single-player gamer.

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