2 unconventional LoL bot laners have the very best win charges at Masters and above in Patch 13.3

Since the beginning of the 2023 League of Legends season, the bot lane meta has been dominated by a restricted variety of ADCs. While Riot pushed a number of new champions into the highlight with the current ADC merchandise adjustments, there are solely eight marksmen with a decide charge larger than 10 % at Masters Elo and above proper now, in keeping with U.GG.

Out of those eight champions, although, solely three presently have a optimistic win charge, and just one has a win charge above 52 %: Xayah. The Rebel has the third-highest win charge amongst bot laners on this patch, however she is topped by two unconventional champions that you simply won’t anticipate to see within the bot lane.

Yasuo and Karthus are boasting the very best win charges out of the 25 champions performed within the bot lane on this patch in Masters Elo and above. Karthus has a 53.71 % win charge over 2,000 video games, whereas the Blademaster has an over 55 % win charge in just a little greater than 1,100, in keeping with U.GG.

These two champs are identified to be nice area of interest picks that work in particular bot lane matchups. Karthus has the benefit of being a magic harm champion, doubtlessly guaranteeing a extra balanced harm output on a crew comp. When he’s performed as a bot laner, he additionally will get funneled a lot of the sources, making him a daunting carry to cope with.

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What makes Karthus such a robust decide is his passive. Even if he’s killed, he can nonetheless guarantee good harm output with Death Defied and solid varied spells throughout teamfights, together with a possible five-man Requiem (R). He may use his final to start out fights or power enemies to surrender targets for the reason that harm will doubtless half-health the squishy carries on the enemy crew.

Yasuo, alternatively, has nice worth in opposition to ranged enemies or crew comps with a number of projectiles as a result of his Wind Wall (W) can neutralize all of them.

He was additionally not directly buffed by the ADC merchandise adjustments, making him barely stronger in comparison with the beginning of the season. In a meta the place champions like Caitlyn, Ashe, Varus, and Ezreal are performed on the highest Elo, he’s an incredible counter-pick.

While the quantity of matches performed for Yasuo and Karthus shouldn’t be as excessive as different champions, their numbers are proving that they’re sturdy area of interest picks to be careful for. Considering the bot lane meta won’t obtain additional main shifts within the close to future, we’d see Yasuo and Karthus rising in recognition over the subsequent few weeks.

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