18 MORE Things You STILL Didn't Know In Zelda Breath Of The Wild

This time in Breath of the Wild, we present how Talus have a secret capability that Nintendo by no means instructed us, a brand new highly effective glitch to begin the brand new yr, and a mess of small secrets and techniques hidden round Rito Village.

In the video above, we cowl 18 details, ideas and methods that aren’t fairly as well-known, starting from secrets and techniques to glitches, so me which are fairly easy and others which are pretty advanced. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been out for 4 years at this level, and gamers have discovered some superb issues, meant or not, that maintain the sport and its sense of discovery feeling contemporary.

Talus Auto Camoflauge found by @Waikuteru .

0:00 Intro
0:16 Warning Horns
0:54 Horn Development
1:13 Map Storage/ARMS
2:11 Tree Cut Depth
2:36 Sand Seal Speeds
2:52 Rito Windmills
3:04 Rito Sleeping
3:33 Rito Kids Drawings
3:43 Rito Kids Singing Notes
3:51 Rito Landing Platforms
4:12 Ghenli Dialogue
4:29 Lovers Pond Dialogue
4:42 Sasa Kai Shrine
4:57 Suma Sahma Shrine
5:19 Electric Lizalfos And Water
5:38 Max Material Dialogue
6:17 Guardian Flips Out
6:41 Talus Auto-Camoflage
7:36 Outro


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  1. 1:23 Dang endless dunking on ARMS out there on the internet.

    That Stone Talus thing is so cool! And the attention to detail with the moon counting as the sun's light in-game! What, is there infinite details and secrets about this game?

  2. Its amazing that we get one of these every month. We have now gone through 22 episodes already and I have watched all of them. This is a truly marvelous series. Keep it up Gamespot!

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