17 Minutes of Forspoken PS5 Demo Gameplay (4K 60FPS)

The Forspoken PS5 Demo is offered now and means that you can discover the world of Athia. We tackle the “hidden” boss, and discover the brand new space of Forspoken, all captured at 4K 60FPS.

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  1. Pretty much FFs 15 without the boy band. control and movement seem a whole lot smoother but combat is still pretty much the same. Graphic is also same " a lil better but not that much." FFs 15 dialog between the boy band sound genuine and thus it gave emotion to the characters, this 1… I won't crap on it cause this is only a short demo but lets hope there are more to the game than just this.

  2. Please tell me is more action, more monsters, more movement in the environment and you got side missions you’re not just running to kill the next monster y’all got a game full of potential don’t mess this up please

  3. A lot of the complaints people are having about this game can be changed in the options menu, first the demo is set on easy so you can change it and the banter can be turned down as well. Also you can change magic a lot easier using the D-pad.

  4. The cuff sounds like the ghost from vanilla destiny.. there's no personality, it's monotone, and Freys dialog isn't helping either. The movements are fluid but the world is empty and dead. Looks like something I'd play for funsies while high or drunk.

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