16 champions picked in LCS this week haven’t gained a single recreation

League of Legends professional gamers, above all, worship the meta. Volatile as it’s, the meta can change from week to week, particularly when Riot Games pushes a recent patch. From Feb. 15 to Feb 18, LCS noticed 60 distinctive champions seem on the stage, and out of these 60 champions, 16 champions didn’t win a single recreation.

The most shocking picks that noticed no success from Feb. 15 to Feb. 18 are Elise and Ashe as they’re presently the 2 most dominant picks in professional play with one hundred pc presence in LCS this week. But, out of 15 whole video games this week, Ashe and Elise noticed motion solely in three video games which all ended poorly for them.

According to professional matches website Gol.gg, Gnar, Ornn, Jinx, and Thresh, which hover between 47 and 20 p.c presence in LCS, additionally didn’t have a lot enjoyable on Summoner’s Rift as they didn’t discover a win this week.

Other champions that ended week 4 in a disappointing trend have been Jarvan IV, Nautilus, Graves, Tristana, Gwen, Soraka, Gangplank, LeBlanc, Orianna, Gragas, and Ryze. Although they’ve an abysmal win charge in LCS this week, it’s best to know these champions have been solely picked a couple of times all through the week and misplaced. So, it’s not all unhealthy information for these champions.

Honorable point out is Azir, who had 67 p.c presence in LCS professional matches this week however solely gained one recreation, thus ending the week with a seven p.c win charge.

Next week may even be performed on League Patch 13.3, so we’d see these champions have a bit extra luck on Summoner’s Rift.

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