15 Recent MOST AMBITIOUS Games That Flopped

Game improvement could be robust, and only a few builders got down to make a sport that may fail. It does occur although, particularly if a title is lengthy on ambition and brief on correct execution.

Let’s take a look at 15 of probably the most bold video games over the previous few years that flopped, whether or not by way of gross sales, essential opinions or participant reception.

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  1. Honestly I think some of Deathloop’s poor sales can be pinned to the critics who rated it right after it came out. They gave it poor ratings while the public and dishonored fans who played it later, loved it, there was even much controversy because people loved it for the complex combat options and critics didn’t understand even half of the games marvel.

  2. Deathloop was a different type of game from Dishonored. Spent few hours to really understand how to proceed with the game. For the price point it not worth it, feel it should be about $20-$30

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