15 BRAND NEW Shooters of 2023 To Keep An Eye On

The 12 months has solely simply begun, however the roster of upcoming shooters appears very promising. Whether you are a fan of third-person Souls-like shooters, first-person shooters with motion RPG mechanics and loot, or remakes of beloved titles, there’s loads to stay up for.

Here are 15 upcoming shooters in 2023 to control.


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  1. So this year we have a:

    russian funded game
    some random team based shooter
    a remake
    a remake
    an always online SP, with denvo and high price
    not so interesting game
    a paday sequal
    a to long to late dino crysis spin off
    STALKER 2 Which is good
    another no mans sky,star citizen/forever alpha
    a shill division title
    A DC game which I've never seen hype for

    man besides stalker years looking grim.

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