15 BIGGEST Announcements That Could Happen At The Game Awards 2022

The Game Awards returns on December eighth and will have tons of trailers and world premieres. Host and creator Geoff Keighley revealed lately that over 50 video games are concerned ultimately.

That doesn’t suggest all of them will get trailers, however there have been rumors about some reveals. Let’s check out 15 of the largest attainable bulletins.


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  1. The gamer awards showed their colors with TLOU2 constantly winning awards for diversity and LGBT characters. The gameplay was amazing but the storyline was bland and boring.

  2. Death Stranding 2 I'm Most excited for, hearing something about Metal Gear Solid would be cool but bit tired of remakes. Friday The Callisto Protocol is coming out Aswel can't wait for that!😁🇬🇧👍🏻

  3. Silent Hill 2 Remake release date
    Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League release date
    Alan Wake 2 gameplay
    Max Payne 1,2 Remakes announcement
    ILL release date
    RoboCop: Rogue City release date
    Marvel's Wolverines trailer
    Marvel's Spider-Man 2 release date
    Marvel's Blade announcement
    Abandoned trailer
    Overdose announcement
    Splinter Cell Remake announcement
    Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement

  4. Konami is so pathetic firing Kojima then then still trying to milk what they have from him for all it’s worth.
    At least they learned not to try to make a metal gear game without him. Such a huge company with such lack of tact and tactics.

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