14 EXCITING NEW Space Games of 2023 And Beyond

Space has all the time been a fascinating realm for us people, largely due to the numerous mysteries that lie undiscovered in its huge stretches. This makes area the right backdrop for video games, since they permit creativity and creativeness to shine the brightest with limitless prospects. 2023 and past is seeking to be a good time for followers of such video games, and to that finish – we current 14 of the very best upcoming area video games that it is best to hold a watch out for.


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  1. As usual, everyone forgets Outcast 2.

    Should be noted that Spacebourne 2 is releasing in Early Access this month, not a full release.

    I'm most looking forward to Scars Above, having played the demo. Curious about Pragmata, but it feels too early to say just how much space will be a big part of that.

  2. Does anyone, anywhere actually know what's up with Pragmata? That trailer definitely caught my attention but, literally two years later, I have no idea what that game is about or even what kind of a game it is.

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