14 Best Steam Deck Games To Play Right Now

Steam Decks are actually available and prefer it or not, they’re slowly remodeling us all into PC avid gamers. So whether or not you’ve had one for some time, simply acquired yours throughout the holidays or gained it throughout the Game Awards giveaway, listed here are 14 video games which can be an actual deal with to play on it.

First up is the GameSpot recreation of the yr–the proper 10–Elden Ring. In the sport you play as a lowly tarnished with the last word purpose of in search of the shards of the Elden Ring and turning into the Elden Lord. On your journey you’ll discover hidden dungeons, uncommon loot, stunning views, terrifying creatures and many robust enemies that can check your energy. Just attempt to hold your cool, a Steam Deck damaged out of frustration is a little more costly to exchange than a controller.   

Another difficult recreation with monsters is Vampire Survivors, a top-down roguelite indie survival recreation that charmed its means onto tons of Top 10 lists in 2022. The premise is straightforward: you select from a handful of distinctive survivors, kill monsters to gather gems that flip into expertise factors, stage as much as earn upgrades and final so long as you probably can.

If these first two video games weren’t crammed with sufficient swords and magic for you then take a look at Cult of the Lamb. In this recreation you play as a lamb saved from loss of life by a mysterious entity, The One Who Waits. In return you could return to the land of the dwelling, begin a cult of their identify and defeat the Bishops of the Old Faith. Seems like a good commerce proper? And if you’re not slaying heretics, you’ll be gardening, adorning, cooking, getting married and taking part in cube, all whereas listening to a soundtrack crammed with BANGERS. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is my favourite recreation of all time and it feels so at house on the Steam Deck (Sorry Switcher 3 followers). Though the sport is now seven years previous, it is nonetheless a benchmark in online game storytelling, particularly in relation to these unimaginable aspect quests. Exploring the world, assembly colourful characters, and slaying monsters makes any prepare trip or picnic a lot extra attention-grabbing. 

Some would possibly say that I’ve left one of the best for final and to be trustworthy, I wouldn’t argue with these individuals. Powerwash Simulator is strictly what the identify implies: a recreation about cleansing issues with an influence washer. The expertise focuses on increase your personal enterprise in its profession mode and finishing soiled jobs throughout the city of Muckingham. There’s no time restrict or a nagging sensation to attain a excessive rating, simply you, a grimy constructing, and full freedom in the way you wish to end the mission. Powerwash Sim was the drug that acquired to strive a ton of different “simulator” video games, like Lawn mowing Sim, and I like getting a little bit cleansing completed in all places I do with Steam Deck.


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  1. Some games that run absolutely great that weren’t mentioned, and can all be found for less than $10, some even below $5:

    – Ghostbusters The Video Game Remastered. Very underrated game that runs beautifully and is a better Ghostbusters sequel than any of the reboots.

    – Mad Max. Another game that didn’t get the appreciation it deserved. Runs a rock solid 60fps and looks and plays great. Very good battery life too.

    The Walking Dead: definitive series. Plays like it was made for the Steam Deck and provides hours upon hours of good storytelling.

    – Sonic Mania. The best Sonic game ever made.

    – Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. Another underrated game that has a good story and plays like a precursor to Uncharted and The Last of Us, even if it’s not as good as either of those.

    – Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Playing this on the Steam Deck with headphones and the screen close to your face is a mindf*ck

    – Max Payne 3. Great game that plays at a locked 60fps and looks great on the Steam Deck.

    – Yooka Laylee & Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair. Both good platformers, but the Donkey Kong-inspired Impossible Lair is the superior of the two.

    – Tomb Raider reboot series. All three games ran great.

    – Shadow of Mordor. IMO superior to the sequel. Runs great, looks great and it’s still an amazing game.

    – The Talos Principle. A Portal-inspired FPS with fantastic puzzles, interesting story and perfect “pick up and play” puzzles.

  2. I like turn based games if im playing handheld i can binge tv shows while i grind. So my list would look like

    Bravely default 2
    Persona 4
    Empire of sin
    Dragon quest 11
    Monster sanctuary
    Yakuza like a dragon
    Towers of time

  3. Glad to see Dorfromantik and OlliOlli World on the list. Those are 2 of my favorites for the Deck.
    Some others I highly recommend that are great on Deck are:
    – Fez
    – Hollow Knight
    – Disco Elysium
    – Tunic
    – Neon White
    – TMNT: Shredders Revenge
    – Hob
    – Dishonored
    – Eastward
    – Ghostrunner

  4. Some games I've been playing on the Steam Deck and would highly recommend are: Melatonin, Potion Permit, Potionomics, Cultic, Fashion Police Squad, Have a Nice Death, Perfect Gold, Spookware, Mini Motorways, Cooking Simulator, Everhood, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, The Letter, Monster Prom and Persona 5. All of these games play very well are games everyone should pick up for the Deck imo

  5. What's up with all the phone games ? you pay all that money for the power !
    Dying light 2
    Red dead 2
    Lost judgement
    GTA 5
    MGS phantom pain
    Elden ring
    Runs them all fantastic

    Steam deck has taken over my holidays

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