Even if gross sales had been down in sure months in comparison with latest years, 2022 has seen a number of huge sellers. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Horizon Forbidden West, FIFA 23, the checklist goes on.

Unfortunately, it additionally noticed a good variety of flops and underwhelming releases from a gross sales perspective. Let’s take a look at 15 of them right here.


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  1. 1. For uncharted suddenly pc player got a 4th in the series? Why not 1-3 first? I dont want to play an end game 4th title without knowing what happens in 1-3 i dont want to watch spoilers in youtube.
    2. Ghostwire was boring repetitive open world side missions, very short story, lacks enemy variation, all npc looks the same blue spirit.. only the tokyo backdrop n graphics looks good
    3. Shadow warrior 3.. as a fan of the loot mechanics in borderlands which they adapt partially on shadow warrior 2.. this feels a huge let down n short
    4. Midnight suns low sales really? But they already paid DENUVO for protecting the sales number right?
    5. New tales borderlands .. eh.. watched it on youtube.. why should i buy it?

  2. I still don't understand why sony would release uncharted legacy of thieves collection without releasing the nathan drake collection 1st. How can you expect the 4th game in the series & a spinoff sell well when the other 3 games were never on pc. Those characters changed a lot & had important story arcs across the 4 mainline games so to skip straight to the 4th & last title in the series was a mistake. They could have even sold all of them in a bundle & called it the uncharted ultimate collection or uncharted saga or whatever. It would have sold better than just the legacy of thieves collection.

  3. I love how they keep saying Horizon was the reason some games didn’t do well. Did these people forget Elden Ring exists. Elden ring was the reason horizon did poorly.

  4. I feel like the Uncharted release on PC also was hurt heavily by the fact that they released the last two games, but the first three were not. I personally have not bought it, because I haven't played the original trilogy, like a lot of PC gamers.

  5. Gaming Bolt: blames the marketing
    Me: no, these games either sucked, had bad mechanics or they weren't worth their price, not to mention bad story or immersion thanks to "modern politics"

  6. Didn't even know that uncharted came out on PC… Wasn't going to play because I already did on the ps…

    Ghostwhire Tokyo was initially shown as something it wasn't.. i thought it was going to be an awesome horror game and from the reviews i saw.. it was crap

  7. Seems odd to me to blame Grid Legends flop on Forbidden West's success. These are completely different games targeting very different audiences. I have a hard time seeing a racing game fan being so interested in an open world action game that they forget the racing game.

  8. NFS unbound should sell well since it’s good and seem to be getting updates after holiday from dev team. Drives very well but is more grindy than heat imo in campaign but I like the story and graphics flair and music.

  9. I'm not even a little surprised about Borderlands. Bringing back the tales story as an obvious vash grab with piss poor marketing and a writing team that must've just graduated middle school with how bad a job they did, it was bound to flop.

  10. Think it says everything about NFS: Unbound that it went on sale 2 WEEKS after launch. It's still on sale now if you're interested, I'm thinking about getting it.

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