10 Things (*10*) Fans Hate About God of War Ragnarok

Santa Monica Studio’s God of War Ragnarok is offered for PS4 and PS5 and lives as much as the large hype with its characters, fight, exploration, and far more. It’s value enjoying for those who loved the primary recreation or action-adventure titles usually.

Of course, whereas universally beloved amongst followers and critics, it is not fairly good. Oh so shut, however there are a couple of complaints which have emerged. While none of these dulls the general sheen of the expertise (not less than, not too closely), they stand out every now and then. Let’s take a look at ten issues gamers dislike about God of War Ragnarok. Major spoilers for the story, ending, and post-game comply with, so beware for those who nonetheless have not performed the sport.


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  1. I understand that some people didn’t like the hints in the game, but the things calling it hate is not worth it at all. If someone like better something of the old games doesn’t mean that you hate the new ones and basically saying that the challenges and side bosses were no of your liking is one thing… I strongly advise that you fight the berserkers and specially Gna the Valkyrie queen in Give me God of War and you will realize that there are solid boss fights.

    Also the Boss fight with Odin was maybe not the climax fight everyone was spectating and I have to say the Baldur fight was not as exciting as fighting the Valkyrie in GoW 2018.

  2. My complaints were the puzzles n they focused way too much on atreus like more than kratos and its called god of war i might get some hate for saying that i liked atreus n am glad they focused on him more it was just too much

  3. Definitely not enjoying it as much as I thought I would. disappointed really. Oh and if some daft prick tries trolling me because they can't handle an opinion different from theirs I'll just delete their comment so don't bother. Thanks in advance.

  4. Seems Saint Monic is willing to develop an 3rd Game of these new GOW series initially, but the finally the game was combined the Ragnarok and the Fimbulwinter with some unknown reasons.

    The Ending is so rushed and weired that Kratos just walk through the light gate and appears at the battlefront, so what the point to be an General?

    Odin have no reason to kill Thur. it his son! Even Thur is losing his loyalty. Killing one's confidant general in front of the enemy is a very unreasonable behavior, especially for the wily and calculating Odin portrayed.and Thur will not against odin.

  5. Lol I'm I hard core fan of the series and don't hate any of these aspects mentioned. Although I think mjolnir would have been cool to use. To me it just doesn't make since for the story they told.

  6. The reality is that these reboots are not fun to play. The original games were fun. These games just drag on and on. Doesn't even feel like a God of War game anymore.

  7. Yea the final battle was kinda weak. I was hoping to see armies clash at eachother more destruction and just some smoke. Tho the rest was quite alright and good

  8. It’s sorta clear that Atreus blew the horn, after Thor knocked the World Serpent through time. Hinted at when they previously mentioned knowing him or thinking he looked familiar, seeing they hadn’t met yet but would (in a different time period)

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