10 NEW Games Releasing In March 2023 [PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PC]

Just if you thought February was filled with releases, March 2023 arrives with a hefty serving to of triple-A titles. Action RPGs, remakes, sports activities sims, horror and co-op shooter heists await, offering one thing for everybody.

Let’s have a look at ten of essentially the most thrilling new video games releasing in March.


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  1. The only thing up my alley this time is System Shock. But that’s fine. It’ll give me a chance to grab some indie titles off my wishlist in March. And damn System Shock looks good. I’m glad I preordered it so I can play day one.

  2. It is strange that the System Shock remake releases in March and still doesn't have an exact date.

    Some other (lesser-known) interesting releases for March are:
    The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure, The Great War: Western Front, Bleak Faith: Forsaken, Ravenbound, Have a Nice Death
    The Last Spell, Mato Anomalies, 9 Years of Shadows, Deflector and Clash: Artifacts of Chaos.

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