10 Most DIFFICULT Third Person Shooters That Will Test Your Skills

Games that put up a battle aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, however there is a unusual attract to those experiences that appeals massively to no few folks. Sure, not each recreation that tries to go down that route is ready to do it nicely – getting the steadiness proper in terms of problem is simpler mentioned than accomplished, as various video games have confirmed over time – however even when sure hurdles really feel like frustratingly impassible roadblocks, we will not assist however hold banging our heads towards them.

Here, we’re going to try just a few third particular person shooters that delivered difficult experiences of that variety- some in ways in which had been honest and nicely balanced, and others… nicely, not a lot.


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  1. While shooter games with supernatural enemies with massive hit points are certainly difficult, I find realistic shooters better like Max Payne 3 (perfect choice for this list) and Ghost Recon Wildlands (higher difficulty mode)

  2. Returnal is my #1 game of all-time. I REALLY wish Sony would make more game-play focused games like Returnal instead of the formulaic cinematic games they’ve been cranking out the last decade.

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