10 Minutes of Dead Space Remake Gameplay

Dead Space Remake appears to be like as spooky as ever, and now with a recent coat of paint on this remake. Check out 10 minutes of gameplay from the 2nd and third chapter of the marketing campaign!

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  1. Game looks great visually but I'm really not a fan of how weak the plasma cutter looks and sounds. Why does it take so many shots to dismember something? The original was one shot one limb, hope the weapons didn't get nurfed.

  2. I’m a little torn on the infector scene. I feel like having the player in control was important in the original. Why is the infector jumping on the corpse and not Isaac? Wouldn’t Isaac’s first instinct be to shoot it rather than wrestle the corpse away (a decision we could have been in charge of had this scene not become a cutscene.) the original scene circumvented this problem by allowing the player to TRY their own approaches, IE attempt to get through the locked door, shoot the glass, back up and get some ground.

    Feels like there are so many elements of the scene lost because now it’s a cutscene, and the game is telling Isaac/the player how to react, rather than letting us choose.

    I wonder, is the spectacle worth the sacrifice?

    How will the rest of the game be affected by decisions like this?

  3. Ok one major difference that I think they need to fix is that the plasma cutter sounds really weak and anemic compared to the original. In fact a lot of the sounds aren't as weighty as the original

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