10 ICONIC Locations Perfectly Recreated In Hogwarts Legacy

You need not spend too lengthy with Hogwarts Legacy to appreciate that the builders who made the sport have poured an unimaginable quantity of affection and a spotlight into its creation.

Their fandom of the Harry Potter property is ample and clear to see in each nook and cranny of the sport, and for followers of the collection, there isn’t any scarcity of iconic areas which have been lovingly recreated and dropped at life all through the sport’s large open world, each inside and with out Hogwarts Castle itself. Here, we will discuss just a few such areas that stood out to us essentially the most.


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  1. I wanted Ravenclaw due to my favorite color, but on the Harry Potter Fan Club website I got sorted into Hufflepuff. Initially baffled I read about the traits of a Hufflepuff and found they actually fit me well. I then when on to read a description of the Huff Puff common room, and when I later woke up there during my first day at Hogwarts, I was not only amazed how well the description fit, but also how INSANELY cozy the Huff Puff common room is!

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