10 Best Shooters of 2022 You Absolutely NEED TO PLAY

Given how widespread shooters are as a style, it is smart that it has been a protracted, very long time since a yr glided by the place we did not play not less than a couple of nice shooters, and 2022 has been no completely different.

Different shooters with completely different gameplay types have arrived from all corners of the business, from the indie and offbeat to the AAA and mainstream, and numerous them have impressed us over the previous yr. Here, we’ll go over those that stood out to us essentially the most, earlier than crowning considered one of them as the very best of the lot.


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  1. I'll probably get laughed at
    But halo after these December updates has honestly made the game feel more complete.
    I've been playing it alot these last two weeks and the most fun I had with halo infinite since launch there's just more to it now.

    My top 3 would probably be
    1. Overwatch 2
    2. Halo Infintie
    3. Call of duty modern warfare 2

    I'm talking about terms of pure fun

  2. COD MW2 is just terrible because the SBMM, if you are an average to good player it’s a nightmare and it is riddled with bugs and technical issues. No zombies and a lackluster pve mode (not DMZ, spec ops) do not help. Overwatch 2 is clearly the better game this year, too bad for Blizzard’s shady business practices but the game is really solid.

  3. Overwatch 2?! Are you joking? That game set the industry back about five years with its revolting practices. I won't diss Overwatch 2016 – it was spectacular – but they effectively just removed elements and monetised the rest.

    As a product, it's heinous.

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