10 Bad Games That DESERVE A REMAKE

Plenty of outstanding video games get remade. What if although, a recreation inherently lackluster was remade as a substitute? There’re tons of explanation why a recreation could possibly be perceived as dangerous, however oftentimes these video games nonetheless harbor one or two redeeming traits, distinctive concepts held again by crummy execution.

Here are ten such video games which, if given a second likelihood, may shine.


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  1. Not a bad game but just an old classic I'd love to see remade is Fighting Force from ps1. I'd love a modernized version of that beat em up. Again not a bad game but a childhood nostalgia for me. Lol

  2. Here are other games that are worth mentioning imo

    1. X-men Destiny imo had interesting ideas but the execution was poorly handled. Getting to use your own mutant sounded cool but the game messed that up by making the playable character pre selected instead of giving you the freedom to use a full on character customiser
    Same goes with the choice mechanic. It feels half-assed as opposed to something like the Infamous franchise so your choices don't really feel like they're really game changing. Pair that with the shallow combat and meh boss fights. This is a game that I think could've had potential if it's ideas were done better

    2. Spider-Man Friend or Foe. It's not an awful game but it's a perfect case of "great ideas, poor execution". Getting to play as Spider-Man villains and allies in both single player and co-op should sell but the actual gameplay was half asked and several characters reuse each others animations. The art style and voice acting is charming, I'll give it that but a modern take that has more engaging combat and objectives could be interesting especially since most Spider-Man games nowadays are just solo open world adventure games

    3. Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric: My main bug with this game is its performance issues and poor gameplay but I liked the idea of characters who have to use their own special abilities to progress(Tails with gadgets, Knuckles being strong, etc). It reminds me of the LEGO games but less charming. I can't tell if SEGA or the devs were to blame but wouldn't mind the concept being revisited with better combat and level design

    4. TMNT Out of the Shadows. It's basically Arkham but jank. I appreciate that it didn't try to be a basic beat-em-up like most TMNT games but the camera, janky stealth and counters don't make it fun to revisit. TMNT as a whole barely does 3D games nowadays but this is one of those games that needs to be looked act again if devs wanna do a 3D TMNT game in the future

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